Giving your brand a face

Logo, fonts, colors, image style or even the design of infographics and tables, in short: all design elements of the corporate identity form the corporate design. It visually communicates the unmistakable core values of the brand and is therefore the visible expression of the corporate identity.

Noticeably Good

With brands it is just like with people: you remember those who are different. A characterful appearance gives your brand a strong impression among its target group and can be the decisive advantage in saturated markets.

Posters for Konterbrause with colourful illustrations over black background and sentences such as "And party goes on" and "irresistible even the next morning"
Logo and tone of voice for Konterbrause



With electrolytes and vitamins, Konterbrause reduces the consequences of a rough night. Thus, it is just consequent that it is positioned in the nightlife and the entire corporate identity is aimed at those who want to wake up the next day without remorse and hangover.

  • Carefree tonality: Smart and funny headlines and sympathetic lyrics communicate the subject of hangovers and their consequences with humour.
  • The upside-down “T” in the brand name makes it clear what it is all about in an unconventional way. In addition, changing labels, bright colours and funny illustrations ensure that the fun factor of the nightlife can be found in the product itself.
  • The striking design sets Konterbrause apart at the point of sale.


Galaxy Investment Group

The company develops and manages large properties in Eastern Europe. The stated goal: common growth – for its customers and themselves. This is exactly what is reflected in the logo: two symbolised epicentres from which growth springs.

Showing how the logo of Galaxy Investment is built out of the overlapping of two circles that are filled with converging lines in different angles.



Prospitalia, a group of companies from Ulm, is a purchasing service provider in the medical sector and a market leader in this field in Germany. The formation of Prospitalia as a buyer group allows companies to pay significantly lower prices for medical products. The visual brand identity communicates the basic idea of Prospitalia: the stylised „P“-mark within the logo conveys the message that the client is stronger within the purchasing community than individually.



Inkutec manufactures tailor-made containers for the storage and sterilisation of instruments and implants. The claim “Adaptive Engineering”, created by us, expresses this individualisation of products and is complemented by a flexible logo, which always maintains the same basic characteristics despite constant movement. High recognition value meets effective communication of the brand message.

Variations of the Inkutec logo. It consists of a Hexagon outline (like a cube) that can be thicker or thinner and is filled with a pattern inside made of cubes that move around.
Some versions of the Inkutec logo


It is nice when good design works. And good, when it is nice.

Corporate design is not a matter of taste. So, please, do not ask your wife, neighbour or… We have clear principles when it comes to the visual representation of brands:

  • Design must work in the overall system. In other words, the corporate image needs to work properly within all forms and formats of media, for maximum recognition. At the same time, it has to be flexible enough to keep the brand diversified and exciting in the long term.
  • Design must be timeless. We do not follow any design trends, because they come and go. We believe in the power of timeless aesthetics and design principles. A corporate image developed by us will therefore be usable long term.
  • The core competence of the company must be the focus and always remain clear. This means that the brand essence should and must be reflected in all elements of the company’s image.

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