We combine strategic brand consulting with excellent design.

We combine the analytical strength of a management consultancy with the creativity of a design agency. In almost ten years, INTO has implemented more than 200 projects in 15 countries and in a wide variety of disciplines.


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Epicurean engineers

Our customers come from all kinds of industries. Medium-sized companies, SMEs, start-ups, B2B or B2C, national or international. What they have in common: They want to stand out and inspire their customers. Just like us.


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Why is branding important to your brand?

Branding a brand consists of more than logos, colors and advertising banners. At least it should. With branding, a company becomes a brand and a brand creates a cosmos that people can understand as a whole: it makes complex ideas, values ​​of a company and the benefits of products and services tangible. A holistic branding approach bundles all rational information about a company and transforms it into emotional associations. The more consistently all touchpoints of a brand are defined, the better your target group can experience them, integrate them into their lives and learn to love them in the first place.

Regardless of whether it is a start-up, a medium-sized company or a large international corporation, strategic branding also means many internal advantages for all companies. Because once it has been defined what a brand stands for, what drives it and what it aspires to in the future, it is easier for employees to identify with it. A strong corporate brand not only creates a specific direction in which all employees run, but also the motivation and internal cohesion to work on it together.