Planning for success: strategy, corporate design and brand management

Everything we do for your brand has a system and a purpose. Our goal-oriented process ensures real results, mapped to aligned milestones. Once we’ve sorted your brand’s basic framework through our brand building process, we’ll develop a corporate design that fits. And it’s all guided by one thing: the right strategy.

Brand analysis

  • External perception

  • Self-perception

  • Market conditions

  • Brand communication

  • Design quality

  • Customer contact points

  • Positioning status quo analysis

  • Brand architecture

  • Interviews


  • Brand training sessions and workshops

  • Brand heritage and brand story

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand architecture

Brand development

  • Design scheme

  • Brand design guidelines

  • Tone of Voice

  • Naming

  • Claim development

  • Design optimization

  • Employer branding

  • Interface with architects and trade shows


  • Webdesign

  • Print

  • Packaging

  • Branded physical spaces

  • Employer branding

  • Events and trade fairs

  • Brand management

  • Photography

  • Brand films

  • Annual reports

  • Brand guardianship

Analysis and interviews are an absolute must, if you want to get the clearest picture of the state of your business or market. Once we understand the brand and its various target audiences, we can communicate with focus and with purpose.

We set up workshops to collaborate. Together, we devise a clear brand positioning. It’s all about making your brand relevant to customers and helping it stand out from competitors.

The brand platform frames the heart of your brand and acts as the starting point for all the other core elements of your brand: name, corporate design, tone of voice etc. This methodology ensures that your brand design and tone are relevant for your audience and, more importantly, that your communications see the right message hitting the right people and in a way that actually works.

Wherever your customers come into contact with your brand, we’re here to help – whatever the touchpoint, whatever the media. Whether it’s digital media, classic print materials or even in-person events, no matter the application, we’ll be sure to bring your brand positioning to life in a way that creates a consistent, coherent, integrated brand image.

Our brand building process is tried and tested, but … we still only use it as a guide. No two clients are identical, and no two projects are either. A frank assessment of the current status of your brand is the only way to come to useful conclusions and meaningful next steps. That may sound obvious, but it’s often underestimated. Our holistic approach and broad portfolio of services mean that we never jump ahead leaving stones unturned.

Fixing real problems creates true added value

Well-thought-out communication with a consistent look and feel has tangible benefits. For example:

Unifying messages

A clear brand positioning helps you define your core offering and communicate it to both customers and employees. This makes marketing, HR and PR decisions come more easily. Every communication coming from your business should support your core brand message in one way or another.

Optimizing costs

A carefully considered corporate design not only increases visibility, distinctiveness and enjoyment – it also saves you money. A comprehensive design system and set of brand guidelines make it much easier to create new materials within reasonable outlay. Developing guidelines we always make it seamless to apply them systematically to a variety of materials as a top priority.

Seizing awareness

With the right positioning and branding, businesses are best placed to adapt to new market conditions. For many of our clients, our in-depth brand building process has enabled them to gain market share, overcome times of crisis or establish a presence on new markets.

Setting standards

Today’s brands communicate across a range of materials and media, making it a real challenge to have any sort of overview. Over time, your brand image can become unclear, your communications start to vary in quality and everything may eventually come across as inconsistent.

Current Projects


Prospitalia, a leading purchasing service provider for the German hospital industry, facilitates long-term competitive advantages for its customers and partners, providing security in a constantly changing and complex market.

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COMMAND CONTROL - an international event format that presents cybersecurity from a whole new perspective. Being unique in Germany and claiming to be the leading Summit in Europe, Messe München, as host and initiator, networks opinion leaders, decision-makers and data protection experts across sectors to meet the growing challenges of digitization in a holistic context.

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Metzger & Sohn

Metzger & Sohn stands for unmistakable Tyrolean flavors. As a virtual selling point for alpine meat from Tyrol, Metzger & Sohn offers its customers a culinary world of flavors full of mountains, juicy herbs and cozy parlors.

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Münchner Bank

Founded in 1862, the Münchner Bank is the oldest and biggest credit company in all Bavaria. 50 branches and about 500 employees in and around Munich, live up to their cooperative principle every day. The community principle has been deeply rooted in the founding idea of the cooperative banks. This is why we supported our client with a brand strategy that brings the idea of sharing money into our modern era of sharing as a first step. As the whole banking sector faces dramatic changes, principles of community-based services have never been more present and relevant than today.

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