Strategie, corporate design and brand management


We master everything you need for a successful brand: target group and competition analyses, brand positioning and naming as well as the implementation of the strategy in the form of websites, trade fair appearances and image campaigns. That makes us a long-term partner.

Brand Strategy

Brand analysis

Identifying opportunities

Positioning a brand successfully and recognizing its potential requires analyzing and fully understanding the market environment.


Building a new vision

We understand positioning as an instrument with which you can react to current and future market and customer requirements. More than that, you should be able to set the pace in the role of a thought leader.

Brand Development


Verbal identities

It sounds so obvious, but it can’t be said often enough: A good name is important, regardless of whether it’s a product or company name. Because the name is often the only thing that remains unchanged in a product over time. Names are passed on, recommended and, above all, googled.

Fahnen mit dem Logo des Lebensmittelverbands Deutschland

Corporate Design

Giving your brand a face

Logo, fonts, colors, image style or the design of infographics and tables, in short: all design elements of the company’s appearance together make up the corporate design. It visually communicates the unmistakable core values of the brand and is therefore the visible expression of the corporate identity.

Visitenkarten mit Logo von Moeller IP



Brands are never offline

The website as a pinhole to the world of digital services – from digital publications, mobile apps, multidisciplinary presentations to the moving image offer.

Mockup der Webseite der Anwaltskanzlei Preu Bohlig

Brand Analysis

Exemplarische Folien einer Wettbewerbsanalyse

Successfully positioning a brand and recognizing its potential requires analyzing and fully understanding the market environment.

Web Development

Insidery Webseite auf Tablet im Hoch- und Querformat

Whether WordPress or Typo3, with our partners we develop future-proof, easy-to-maintain and high-performance websites for you.

Logo Development

Nething Architekten Bildmarke auf Stofftuch
A logo does not make a brand, but hardly any can do without one. In the development of logotypes and brandmarks, storytelling takes place in the smallest of spaces.


Tierra Monte Flaschendesign mit Logo

We develop emotional, functional and sustainable packaging design with clear messages. Visuality and haptics are always the focus.


From the product brand to the attractive employer brand: our positioning approach is the cornerstone for the brand as a holistic value creation tool. 


The naming process is not a purely creative one, as is often assumed. It follows a clear, guided process that includes many different steps.


Mockup der Webseite der Anwaltskanzlei Preu Bohlig

Brands are never offline. We ensure that their web presence captivates with clear messages and functional UX and continues to inspire tomorrow.

Corporate Design

Flavourtech Corporate Design System auf Broschüre

We develop holistic, award-winning design systems that include logo, color scheme, image style, typography and other elements.

Exhibition stand

When developing exhibition stands, we take care to holistically convey the brand’s core messages at every customer touch point.

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