Building a new vision

We see positioning as an instrument that enables you to respond to current and future market and customer requirements. But more than that, you should be able to set the tone in the role of a pioneer. Almost everything today wants to be perceived as a brand; which makes sense: in a world where the performance promises often are virtually the same, those products or services that succeed in reaching their target groups emotionally are the most relevant ones. This also strengthens the identification of employees with the company. From the product brand to the attractive employer brand: our positioning approach is the cornerstone of the brand as a holistic value creation tool and a compass for systematic brand management.

Personality Brand

A brand is not a logo or a name, but rather what it means to the customer and what he associates with it. It conveys values ​​and benefits and fulfills rational as well as emotional needs. In short, a brand is the solution to a problem its user has.

In our positioning workshops, we work together to determine and clarify the nature of your brand. In close exchange we develop a brand platform that becomes the foundation for all of your brand communication. The goal is to convey the individual brand promise consistently across all company divisions and customer contact points.


Image of Pagellus Souverinol Packaging
The more defined the target group of a product is, the more important a clear positioning on the market becomes.


At the beginning there is a question mark

At the beginning of every brand-building process, there are three key questions:

1. What distinguishes me?
2. What does the customer want?
3. How can I inspire?


Graphic showing the contrast in relevance and differentiation between your brand and the competition


‍Planatol Adhesives

Planatol is the best example for what an accurate analysis of the branding process can do: After the personal workshop, it quickly became clear what the company’s core was: the people themselves. They are at the heart of Planatol. Dedicated and engaged, they have contributed to the successful company history. Planatol maintains a respectful and trusting corporate culture that offers and motivates creativity. This focus on human values ​​is very unusual in the adhesives industry, but it benefits the business: it encourages innovation that ultimately benefits the customer.

This is where we aimed to create the greatest possible differentiation from the competition and maximum customer relevance.


Lead, cooperate and act within brand conformity – the market positioning process


Chart: Analysis > Brand workshop > Brand Platform > Brand Development

After analysing the competition, the market environment and the current corporate performance, we develop the mission statement of the company together with your management and then continue to outline the significance as well as the objectives of the individual company divisions. The mission statement is an integral part of the brand platform, which in turn aggregates the positioning and of which brand image and tonality of communication are derived.

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