Moeller IP

IP unfolded

moeller IP is a legal consultancy specialized in intellectual property, based in Germany. With its roots in Latin America and after almost a century of experience in the industry, the decision was made to now operate on a global level.

The Task

The goal was to create a maximally professional and at the same time humanly appealing appearance that would carry the international realignment of the core business without forgetting the identity and roots of the company. But where do these roots lie? A multi-stage analysis process has shown that for customers and the moeller team alike, they do not lie in history or local roots – rather in the warm, relaxed and friendly interaction with each other that constitutes the “moeller spirit”. Based on these insights, moeller was positioned as a companion that guides companies into emerging but challenging markets, enabling them to realize their full potential.

The Solution

“IP unfolded”, the idea that intellectual property protection – just like ideas – knows no physical or mental boundaries, was translated into a visual identity. With a design that is as dynamic, warm and lively as the people behind it. Bold colors, expressive imagery, and a flag system that allows for endless combinations of color and shape underscore this global, no-holds-barred approach. The result is a brand that invites you to break away from established industry standards and open up to new ideas, potential and markets. The new look conveys the company’s unique personality, ambition and expertise in a way that does the company justice. Thus, the rebranding has helped not only customers but also the team itself to see itself as the global company it already is today.
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