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The Kaffeegruppe (“Coffee Group”) is a family-owned business offering coffee machines for rental, leasing, and sale. In a very competitive environment, the Kaffeegruppe entered the market as a small family-run business. Despite being experts in the coffee business for many years, the Kaffeegruppe brand had to start as a newcomer after separating from the old family business – a David in a world of Goliaths.

The task

INTO Branding helped the brand to reinvent itself and to stick out – against the fierce competition. A fresh start with a young and lively brand. A thorough analysis showed that the Kaffeegruppe is known for its proficiency, warmth and passion for coffee. As opposed to bigger competitors, the small company has the ability to pay attention to detail. They put craft and devotion into everything they do, which makes a difference as experienced by many of their clients. Same should hold true for the brand’s appearance.

The solution

Narrowed down to its essence, “Genusstechniker” (“Epicurean engineers”), the new visual identity combines the technical competence with the devotion for their profession and close client relationships. The notion of craftmanship and passion for coffee was incorporated into the design, choosing a special printing procedure that gives a unique and personal aesthetic. The result is a confident, young and cheeky brand that puts the family into the focus. The Kaffeegruppe branding is not a concept of man against the machine, but rather with the machine. It is about the passion to turn coffee into perfection translated into a brand that sticks out.

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