Miracle Alga meets Party Animal

Miracle alga meets party animal! Activaid Recovery Shot is the answer to the famous “morning after.” Activaid is the solution for all those who like to jump the queue in the night but want to get their act together in the morning. Highly concentrated chlorella algae, tumeric, cactus fig, and milk thistle makes a combination that you have never experienced before. We are proud to be the ones who have given this magic potion its name, design and wholesale packaging.

The Task

Activaid promises 100% regeneration of the body to be able to hit the ground running after a long night. In the dose of a shot, the miracle alga chlorella keeps what it promises. Declared to be a food supplement, the branding of Activaid faced special challenges – namely, the communication in compliance with the law throughout all verbal and visual content.

The Solution

With Activaid, a brand name was created that is compliant with the German Health Claim Regulation and communicates the brand aspect of “Quick Help for the Day After” on point. In combination with its accentuated colours, an expressive visual appearance has been created that resembles its activating combination of ingredients. Moreover, its brand communication is easy-going and fun, while the elements on the packaging point out a clear hierarchy of information. So, now: Just twist the lid and get started for the day.
Activeaid Packaging Shot
Activeaid Partyshot
Activeaid Packaging
Activeaid Siegel
Activeaid Productshot

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