Street Chefs

Love for Quality

Street Chefs are the first chain of stationary food trucks in Bulgaria. What sets them apart is their love for quality and passion for the freshest ingredients. Street Chefs believe in the greatness of authentic street food – genuine and served with special care and attention.

The Task

INTO Branding got approached by Street Chefs during the process of expansion. There was a great need to professionalize and revitalize the brand while creating “something new and fresh”. Together we formed the vision to give the customers a unique socio-culinary experience which certainly stands out among burger restaurants.

The Solution

To make the Street Chefs experience even more unique we decided to collaborate with local illustrators. We choose Rozalina Burkova for her amazing adn fresh style. She created a series of illustration especially for Street Chefs which were implemented on packaging, social media and interiors.
Street Chefs Illustrationen
Street Chefs Interior Food Truck
Street Chefs Packaging Burger Becher
Street Chefs Hoodie
Street Chefs Essensausgabe
Street Chefs Business Cards
Street Chefs Theke
Street Chefs Pommes
Street Chefs Komposition Illustrationen

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