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Preu Bohlig represents one of the largest law firms in Germany in the fields of intellectual property law and pharmaceutical law. With a team of highly specialised lawyers and five locations across Europe, Preu Bohlig has been consulting companies ranging from global corporates, to small- to medium-sized enterprises and startups for the last 60 years. Driven by the guiding principle of their founder, Albert Preu, to combine excellent knowledge, an open mind and absolute reliability, Preu Bohlig has committed itself to protect the intellectual property of their clients.

The Task

Especially in the field of legal protection, a company’s success is directly interrelated with its ability to understand and answer to the needs of their clients based on empathy and expertise. With the increasing influence of digitalisation in the industry, this requirement is additionally complicated by the increasing complexity in the customer approach, customer communication and customer relationship. 60 years of tradition did not only show in Preu Bohlig’s specialised knowledge and long-term experience, but also in its outdated brand appearance that did by no means meet the distinct personality and innovative strength of the law firm. Hence, in a highly competitive environment it was high time the brand reoriented itself with a positioning that set the its traditional spirit as well as its inventiveness in line.

The Solution

Thus, a consistent brand appearance was created that transports the duality of tradition and modernity with a modern, timeless design. The long-standing identity of the brand was grasped in the course of interviews, brainstorming and joint brand-building workshops with the client. In the brand reorientation, special attention was paid to the spectrum and diversity of the target group members which include diverse industries, company sizes and even future talents for the Preu Bohlig team. Besides, the distinct closeness to the clients, which is paradigmatic for the brand and fosters a deep understanding of the clients’ needs, had to be communicated. In the developed brand image, the modern and traditional aspects were combined: the wordmark is simple and slightly edgy, yet nicely crafted. With its primary colour dark blue, the colour scheme is robust; however, lots of white space and magenta highlights represent clarity and creativity. To highlight the human capital as a distinct strength of Preu Bohlig, typographic patterns were elaborated that take up the initials of the individual lawyers and personalise the back of their business cards. Finally, the website was completely set up anew to contemporarily represent Preu Bohlig also in the face-paced, digital world. The new appearance was introduced with the celebrations of the 60 years anniversary heralding a new era of the Preu Bohlig brand.
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