Bistum Passau

He who Believes is Never Alone

The Diocese of Passau is a Roman Catholic diocese in Germany and a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. It covers an area of 5,442 km² and is famous for its St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a baroque church from 1688 and seat of the Catholic Bishop of Passau.

The Task

Supported by INTO branding, the agency Pittner Design carried out an ambitious rebranding project for the diocese in 2016. The focus was on clarity, trust and professionalism, while the complex structure of institutions, associations and offices had to be included.

The Solution

A cheerful design transporting the slogan “He who believes is never alone” characterizes the new external representation of the Diocese of Passau. A simplified representation of the St. Stephan’s Cathedral, consisting of basic geometrical elements, serves as a starting point for a clear design concept which can be applied for the entire organizational structure. The design is supplemented by illustrations of characteristic buildings and landscape features of the diocese.
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