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Making the Abstract Tangible

essentica is the new face of one of the largest producers of ethyl alcohol and DDGS on the Balkans. With an average production of 120,000 litres per day, the company aims to become the ultimate expert in the regional development of ethyl and to offer products that meets the highest European quality standards.

The Task

In this seemingly cold and grey industry governed by numbers, values and parameters, essentica wanted to make a difference. Being the new generation of experts willing to break away from the dogmas by keeping their commitments in an innovative way, the company needed help in shaping its new positioning and visual appearance.

The Solution

The first challenge for INTO was to come up with a lively, vivid name to reflect the company’s synergy between great experience and the constant search for innovative solutions. After “essentica” was born, a flexible and vibrant design system was developed in order to match its brand architecture and to translate the brand values into a distinguishable visual language. As a finishing touch, we helped essentica set the guidelines for the right tone of voice for its further brand communication.
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Essentica Logo

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