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FlavourTech is a leading, international producer of non-perishable foods, who has been focusing on high-quality ready meals and drinks for more than a quarter of a century. With its headquarters in Turkey, three production sites in the Mediterranean area and branches in the Middle East, Africa and Central America, the company is located numerous to strategic places.
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The Task

At out first meeting, the topic of rebranding was still in the distant future while the management team focused on selective measures. We suggested to conduct a brand audit and to analyse the customer experience. Such a perspective aimed at enriching the sales process with valuable ideas. After a long collaboration, the founders agreed with our conclusion that the company offered high-quality products, but the brand did not actually embody this message which lead to a discrepancy that had an indirect impact on the sales processes.

The Solution

INTO Branding suggested a rebranding solution that sharpened positioning and included the values of FlavourTech. It was an inspiring challenge to design for different markets from all over the world, to create relevance for wholesalers, retail brand manufacturers and purchasers in the international retail and to understand the dynamics of fast-paced consumer goods. In May 2018, the new visual appearance of FlavourTech was presented at the PLMA in Amsterdam.
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