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The Heart of the Balkans

Troyan is a municipality in Central Bulgaria with a territory of 88,885 km². It used to be a fast-growing industrial region, but with post-Soviet transitions it lost its importance. To counteract this downward trend, the local administration pursued a strategic realignment.

The Task

INTO Branding was assigned to develop “Troyan” as a regional brand and provide it with a visual appearance. The project had two main goals: a distinct communication strategy for the region and the emphasis of the high quality of local products and services.

The Solution

The quest for the brand positioning commenced with numerous interviews of well-known representatives of business, culture and arts in the region and concluded with an online survey on a special project website. The results outlined the three main values of Troyan and the local community: nature, traditions and spirit of entrepreneurship. In the process of analysing these values, INTO Branding came to the conclusion that they were all closely interconnected – their traditions stem from the Balkan mountain, which has compelled the local population to be more rational and resourceful. This connection helped us determine what Troyan actually is: The Balkan Heart. The subsequent graphic solution made it possible to recreate this deep and emotional connection between the mountain and its people in the best and most descriptive way. This project was implemented in cooperation with Michail Gubergrits and the full support of Troyan Municipality.
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