City of Eberswalde

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The city of Eberswalde, just 45 kilometres from Berlin, is an important location in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region with a population of around 42,000. Eberswalde is a place of proximity, where opportunities and quality of life, education and job opportunities as well as nature and culture come together.

The Task

Eberswalde has developed considerably since the last brand development in 2000 and now offers a wide range of potential and opportunities. Contrary to the original forecasts, both the city and the economy are growing, which means that the original communication focus on nature and the surrounding area did not sufficiently emphasise the unique advantages of the location. It was therefore necessary to adapt the brand positioning and image. In addition, the formal requirements for the corporate design had changed and there was a lack of consistency that only a holistic design system could provide.

The Solution

At the heart of the new brand design is the boar ‘Ewald’, whose expressive posture embodies both the tradition of the forest town and the optimistic spirit of Eberswalde. The versatile design system with the stripes serves as a striking design element. It visually refers to the city’s flag, creating a modern link to the city’s history. The design system can be used on all relevant media, with particular emphasis on practicality in everyday life. Clear design guidelines support the city’s marketing team and agencies in creating a wide range of online and offline applications.
Stadt Eberswalde Broschur
Stadt Eberswalde Ballon

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