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Good to people and nature

Kandaka Naturals is not just one of the first eco-friendly cosmetic brands founded in Germany born in Rwanda. They are the first with the mission of ending period poverty. With every bar of soap sold, Kandaka Naturals sponsors reusable sanitary pads for schoolgirls in Rwanda allowing them to go to school during their periods. Moreover, the team promotes a zero-waste lifestyle and women empowerment.
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The Task

We bought into the higher purpose and heartfelt mission of Kandaka Naturals during the German startup contest of Hochsprung, where INTO Branding offered a pro bono brand strategy as an award. We started off with a workshop guiding the Kandaka team towards decluttering their brand messaging. As an entry point to building a relevant brand, it was essential to focus on the target audience. We co-created questionnaires to find out what truly matters to their customers and hence, to turn it into a strong approach.

The Solution

Meanwhile, our design team focused on the brand mark to find a more aesthetic, clean and ownable visualisation of the female roots and Rwandan heritage of the brand. The new wordmark was inspired by local Imigingo patterns from Rwanda. The hierarchy of information on the packaging was simplified and adapted to the new insights and messaging strategy. Thus, the visual identity of Kandaka Naturals narrates a system in which women empower women in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Based on this versatile system, we developed a design model that is easily applicable to the main communication channels, such as social media.
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