Pure sense of being.

TED BED is a leading manufacturer of mattresses, beds, sleep systems and bedroom accessories with over 20 years of experience. The brand is present in 37 markets and on five continents. In Europe, TED Bed is available in 825 stores.

The Task

Over two decades, the company focused on quality and innovation, which in the long term led to a large number of sub-brands and communication tools as well as a wide range of media. In addition, market potential had to be identified, trends evaluated and lucrative market niches defined. The next step was to analyze and evaluate the current brand architecture.

The Solution

A brand workshop, a brand platform for TED Bed was developed together with the management and employees from different areas. In this phase, we saw ourselves as catalysts to develop a brand story based on the specific and partly unexploited expertise and experience of our client. As part of the brand workshop, a radically simplified brand architecture was also presented and approved. In the subsequent development of the corporate design, particular emphasis was placed on the flexibility of the design system and its long-term application to all relevant media. Detailed (finally 170-page) design guidelines enable the client to communicate consistently and effectively on a variety of media. The project was carried out in 2016 and the new brand including all applications was launched in 2017. TED Bed has been on a continuous growth path ever since. The visibility of the company and the consistency of the brand image have been significantly increased, especially in the international market. TED Bed EAD posted a net sales increase of 12% in 2018. The balance sheet total grew by 21%.

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